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Your Go-to Makeup products

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Your Go-to Makeup products

Even if you've been dabbling in cosmetics for years, it's critical to have a collection of makeup basics on hand to create a look you can reach for on a daily basis, regardless of your level of makeup experience. After mastering the fundamentals of makeup, it's much simpler to add fun or fashionable items to your collection and integrate them into your beauty routines.

Whether you're a cosmetic newbie who enjoys the no-makeup look or a seasoned master trying to fill in any holes in your arsenal, Mehver will walk you through the most essential items for young ladies in this blog. You can discover the list of cosmetic basics for your face, eyes and lips as well as important equipment for applying and storing your makeup by reading on.

Face Primer

While some may not consider face primer important, we consider it an essential component in the makeup regimen. Face primers work to keep your face smooth, and your makeup appears fresh all day long. Various brands such as Musarrat Misbah, Rivaj UK, luscious, Christine, and many more have launched their best face primers for you to give a try.

Skin Primer Mehver



Selecting the perfect foundation for your skin type and undertones is the most difficult component of your makeup process since you must consider both the coverage you desire and your skin type. Musrrat Misbah, Rivaj UK, Atiqa Odo, Fore essentials, Miss rose, Beautify by Amna, and many of the best makeup brands have a wide variety of foundation shades so that you can pick according to your skin type.

Mehver Mehver



Concealer is essential if you have acne, dark circles, or other discoloration. The best concealer for you depends on how much you want to conceal. For the most natural appearance, use a concealer hue that matches your foundation/BB cream. To mask dark circles, use a peach or pink-toned concealer with a peach or pink undertone.

Mehver Mehver



A liquid or bullet formula; a glossy, satin, or matte finish; a lipstick is out there to fit your requirements! Beginners should start with a shade near their natural lip color since it is the simplest to apply. Once you've mastered that, pick a traditional red that you can wear to class or on special occasions. Play with glossy or balmy formulas to soften the appearance and matte formulas to add glitz.

These are products all you need to get ready.

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by Tooba Mujtaba


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