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What You Should Know About Vacation Packing

by Mehver Admin
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What You Should Know About Vacation Packing

Going on that three-month summer vacation to the beach but have a 40kgs maximum limit red tag on your suitcase or just not enough space in your car trunk? What, so you’re going to the mountains after that? Your family just can’t make up their mind. Don’t know what to cram in the tiny suitcase that you can’t arrange in wide shelves? We got you. 

Neutral Colors

From daily life to travelling this is a rule you hold onto to make the easiest, most minimal and classy looks. Neutrals are pair-able with almost all tops and bottoms making your travel backpack versatile. Three pairs of jeans and two skirts can be paired with different blouses, shrugs, leggings, and accessories to create limitless outfits.

smart packing

Accessories and Underclothing

Keep five pairs of socks, two belts, two bags (one tote is preferable), one pair of sunglasses, one hat or cap, two cuff-links, five pairs of underclothing and lightweight minimal jewelry (chains, bracelets, and earrings) to look spot-on all the time. 

accessories and underclothing


Flats for the beach, joggers for the market and mountains, and heels for parties. About three pairs of shoes (1 or 2 flats, 1 joggers, and 1 formal shoe) can last for the entire summer given they are of a multicolored or neutral hue. 

casual shoes


When going on a long vacation just grab your makeup and skin care items such as serums and lotions. Try to keep one palette for eye shadows and blush and similarly two – three nail polishes maximum. Other items such as shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, toothpastes are all available in the nearest grocery stores. 



From a beach to the mountains, basic cuts and scrapes can be treated at home. Always keep your own supply of pain relievers and antibiotics in case of emergencies because there might be a lack of medical stores nearby. 

Travel Medication


Your car just broke down. You check your phone, and the battery is dead. You fidget in your backpack. Power bank. Yes. It also ran out of battery.

Got holiday homework or want to read a new book but it weighs half a kg each? You’re stuffing books weighing almost 2kgs each? Use a laptop or tablet instead where you can have unlimited access to books, movies, and everything you need for a pleasant vacation. 

While travelling, always keep backups such as power banks and instant films for cameras because you don’t know when your battery may die, or you might need to take a good picture. 

electronics accessories for travel

Packing Cubes

Are you untidy? Always getting ready at the last minute. Afraid your stuff might fall down or earrings that you threw in roll across the floor, forever lost? Packing cubes are compact and easy to handle with separate sections for each piece and article you own preventing chaos, mess, loss of items and promoting organization and time-saving. 

suitcase packing


If you haven’t organized your cupboard in your entire life, here is your chance to experiment with different folding styles to accommodate the maximum number of clothes in minimum space. But tested over time, regular travelers dote on the importance of rolling clothes in bags rather than folding them which takes more space. 

travel packing

by Mehver Admin


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