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Trends in men’s fashion 2021

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Trends in men’s fashion 2021

Unlike the women’s fashion industry, the men’s fashion landscape is more stable in nature in terms of changing trends and demands. Men’s style is more about the little details and the small touches that alleviate a basic outfit into a stylist statement. Over the last few decades, men’s fashion wear has undergone a considerable transformation. We understand that it can be hard to keep track of what’s in and out, and have therefore compiled a carefully selected list of the most popular menswear movements worth incorporating into your wardrobe this year.

 1. Bold colours/neon

Adding a little colour to your outfit never hurt anybody. From bold colourblocks to pops of neon, men’s fashion is seeing an incorporation of a lot more colour and we are all in for it

.2. Statement shirts/Floral prints

Statement shirts are all the noise this season. From adding a playful and creative abstract to a basic tee to a floral printed shirt, this fall is all about experimenting and going outside of your comfort zone.

3. Stripes vertical/nautical

This might not seem like something new, but this micro trend has been making a comeback this year in terms of vertical and nautical stripes in both casual and formal dressing. Whether it is a casual tee, a formal shirt or even a suit, stripes are one of the coolest patterns in tailoring.

4. Oversized outerwear

This winter its all about the oversized jackets and trench coats. You can layer one over your tracksuit to add a classy look to a ‘I didn’t really give my outfit much thought’ look for your daily chores. Or if you’re feeling extra fancy, layer these over a full suit to make a classy runway statement. Oversized outerwear leaves lots of room to get creative with your pieces underneath, creating plenty of depth with varying textures and tones.

5. Leather

With trends from the 90’s making a comeback to this year’s fashion industry, leather is one thing that we would definitely advise to add to your fall/winter wardrobe. A crisp leather bomber jacket is an investment that’ll last you the rest of your life – or at least until the 1970s trend comes around again, and rest assured, it will.

by Tooba Mujtaba


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