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Top winter 2022 trends

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Top winter 2022 trends

Winter isn't often thought of as the most fashionable season. In the absence of New Year's and holiday outfits, it might be difficult to avoid falling into the habit of just wearing the same dark-wash jeans and grey cashmere sweaters every day. Nevertheless, we're eager to spice up our cold-weather ensembles with a little additional flair this year. We have seen a significant surge in interest in these seven trends in both cases. So, if you're looking to spruce up your winter wardrobe, these are the seven most popular winter fashion trends.

Bold colors

Winters are usually dismal and monotonous, but this year was an exception.  Cold-weather outfits, including hot pink, violet, lime green, or red pops, have skyrocketed in recent weeks. It's quite OK not to wear them head to toe if that's not your style, but a bright yellow sweater on your go-to jeans may be a nice change of pace.


Women Clothing Jacket Winter Wears



The shacket (a shirt-and-jacket combination) has been popular for a while, but its popularity is expected to soar in the years ahead.  For those of us who like wool plaid, there are many newer options available in leather and shearling; no matter your style, a shacket may be found that complements your everyday look.


Shacket Jacket Women Winter Clothing Katrina Kaif


Leather pants

Faux-leather leggings have long been a winter wardrobe mainstay, but faux-leather pants are taking center stage this season. The most popular styles have straight legs and are either black or a bright color, like red or olive green. Wear them with classy staples like a slim-fit crewneck sweater or button-up shirt to tamper the leather's rockstar connotations.


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Knee high boot

While knee-high boots will never go out of style, they're a must-have for winter rather than simply a standard wardrobe essential. There are few better alternatives than simple black or brown leather or suede (no slouching here) with little embellishment. Make sure your boots are at least two inches over the top of your jeans or leggings when you wear them with tailored blazers, skirts, or dresses that are at least two inches longer than your boots.


Long Boots Winter Rain


Sweater dress

Despite their enduring appeal, sweater dresses are seeing a brief surge in popularity as we attempt to strike a balance between getting out into the world and spending as much time as possible at home. Curve-hugging fashions have fallen out of favor this season in favor of looser, flowier designs. What's the secret to making them fashionable rather than drab? Add a thin belt to your waist and keep your accessories simple.

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by Tooba Mujtaba


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