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Top Five Western Summer Looks

by Mehver Admin
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Top Five Western Summer Looks

Ethereal Summers

2022: The beginning of an era of comfort

Jeans and Tops:

Worried about what you are supposed to wear this summer? Silk tops, linen tops, crop tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts. Whatever your personal preference is, pair it with jeans. Loose fit jeans are making a comeback in 2022 Fashion Trends, so take it easy because they are made for everyone. Going hiking? Or to the office? Or to the mall? Or a friend’s birthday? Just choose a top which would make the outfit formal (linen or cotton tops) or formal (silk tops). 

Jeans and Tops


Dungarees and Jumpsuits:

“Dungarees are for common people”. This year as an ode to Princess Diana, opt for dungarees and jumpsuits. Simple to wear. Jean dungarees are eternal, molded for each age group. Unisex this piece of apparel has been applauded for decades. Similarly, jumpsuits are crafted to spare you the misery of matching separates each morning; a casual dress perfect for your daily routine.


Long Frocks:

Be it the east or the west of the world, liberal or conservative society, long frocks have, are and will be one of the most common and comfortable styles. Be it a long frock or a fancy frock, they are all about keeping it classic, elegant, and giving you those woodland pixie vibes. 

designer long frock


Here are the top picks from new style dresses for this summer:

Cinderella Frock Mehver
Noor-e-Nazar Frock Mehver
Peachy Long Frock
Khuwab Tulip Long Dress by Mehver


Double Shirts:

A prevalent style among boys or commonly referred to as “soft boy aesthetic”. Wearing a full sleeves shirt and coordinating it with a half sleeves shirt, wearing a collared full sleeves sweatshirt, wearing sleeveless or half sleeves below a full sleeves open shirt. The shirt under is mostly neutral topped with checks, plain bold colors, or printed shirts. This style is a neutral choice with many women also opting for it now!

Double Shirts Street Fashion



Feeling cold on an overcast day?  Feeling insecure about your skin or body on a particular day? Or looking to protect your skin from the stinging rays of the sun? Shrugs can be short or long altered to aid your needs. These can easily be worn with jeans, skirts or even with a dress.


by Mehver Admin


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