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Tips to keep your skin glowing this winter

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Tips to keep your skin glowing this winter

It's difficult to maintain a dewy, hydrated appearance, but it's almost impossible when dealing with chilly winter temperatures. Not only may the icy air and wind dry your skin, but so can the artificial heat have generated by your heater. Mehver will uncover some effective way to take care of your skin this winter.

  • Overnight mask will work wonders

While we all enjoy the advantages of the occasional sheet mask, overnight masks provide a whole new level of benefit: all the benefits of a mask — but after being on your face for a whole night, rather than just ten minutes. Oh, yes. Utilizing a moisturizing overnight mask, a couple of times a week will assist in reviving your skin.



  • SPF is a must-have in winter

When the temperature drops below zero with a wind chill of -40, one of the last things on your mind is applying SPF before heading out the door in the morning. However, regardless of how chilly it is outdoors, the sun may still cause damage, contributing to dryness. Ensure that you continue to wear protection throughout the year, regardless of how unneeded it may seem.


  • Skin needs HYALURONIC ACID

Hyaluronic acid is a key component of moisturizing skincare. It pulpifies the skin, binds to water to aid in moisture retention, and may help diminish the look of wrinkles. By including hyaluronic acid-rich products into your regimen, you may reclaim the shine that winter has robbed you of.



  • WATER is the key

Everyone seems to be on a gallon-a-day water craze these days, but remembering to drink your water is particularly important if you have dry, winter skin since it may help hydrate you from the inside out. Consult this chart to determine the amount of water you should be drinking every day, and make an effort to adhere to it - your skin will thank you.



  • Try to avoid hot showers

Taking a hot shower or bath just after coming in from the cold might cause your skin to dry out and flake, particularly if you already have dry skin. To avoid damaging your skin, dermatologists recommend taking mild showers instead (at about 98 degrees).

by Tooba Mujtaba


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