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The Trending Shackets

by Tooba Mujtaba
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The Trending Shackets

The new trend that everyone is raving about, shackets, is the shirt jacket union that we didn't realize we needed until now. In terms of style, it's the right mix of menswear-inspired large and comfortable. Being a fan of both comfortable and cute fashion, this is a trend that everyone can definitely get behind.

As far as we can tell, there seem to be two distinct variants of the Shacket. One has a looser fit and is thicker than your normal flannel top, while the other has a more traditional shirt fit. The other has the appearance of a flannel shirt but has the fit of a lightweight jacket on the outside and inside. If they display photographs of it with the sleeves rolled up a little, they are the ones that will fit more like a shirt rather than a jacket, which have been found to be the case.

The majority of the Shackets are big, but a handful has been seen that are better fitting. The more fitting choices seen worldwide but have been a little more expensive, but we wanted to concentrate on more budget options for this piece. So, just so you're aware, the majority of the ones we have discovered that are reasonably priced fall into the 'oversized fit' classification.


When the weather becomes cooler, do you prefer to wrap yourself in a shacket? It's a fantastic concept since the trend is quite popular and well-liked by everyone. The designs and textures may be worn in the winter, but they bring a little more excitement to the layering clothes required in the colder months.


A shacket is a great layering piece to have in your collection for the colder months. People appreciate layering their attire in the same way they enjoy stacking their home décor. These cozy shackets are an all-season wardrobe must-have since they keep them warm and comfy no matter what they wear!

by Tooba Mujtaba


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