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The Total Cost of your Wardrobe

by Tooba Mujtaba
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The Total Cost of your Wardrobe

Most of us think about our budget when we go shopping for new clothes. While searching for the best deals, many of us fail to consider the price tag's omitted but significant environmental and social consequences. It's likely that your new clothing may cost more than you anticipated.

Fast fashion's popularity has grown steadily during the last two decades. The term "fast fashion" refers to mass-produced, low-cost apparel that is meant to be fashionable yet quickly discardable. It can take anything from a year to a year and a half to complete the entire process of traditional fashion, from design to manufacture to distribution to sales. For fast fashion, the same procedure can take anywhere from a few weeks to four months, with as many as 24 releases each year. Fast fashion stores like Zara and H&M produce new designs as soon as they appear on the runway or on celebrities. A dynamic assortment procedure, involving the introduction of hundreds of new products each week, is used to often alter these products' availability in stores. These two strategies work in concert to instil a sense of urgency in customers to buy low-quality, trendy clothing on a regular basis.

Consumer behaviour reflects this change in company model. At the most basic level, new fashions are accessible, costs are lower than ever, and consumers are eager to buy more.. Since 2000, the number of garments produced by brands has nearly doubled. There was a 40% increase in European clothes purchasing between 1996 and 2014. There has been a 36% decrease in the amount of time these clothing have been worn since 2005. Germans buy 16.7 kg of new clothes per year, second only to Britons' 26 kg, and waste 11 kg of it. There is a hidden cost to this accelerated manufacture and consumption of products that isn't represented in the prices on store shelves.

by Tooba Mujtaba


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