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Summertime and the Wardrobe Crisis

by Mehver Admin
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Summertime and the Wardrobe Crisis

Confused about what to get and what to wear and what to have in the summer this season? If you’re in that boat of people, this fashion blog might be what you’ve been looking for. 

Gym Outfits

With the summer breathing down our necks, it is time to hit the gym and not only attain that ideal body weight but also keep active in a cool environment. It is only fitting to have two active wear sets. It is up to you to have a full sleeved or sleeveless top or leggings or shorts. Several brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok etc. cater to precisely these needs but if you are on a budget then local sports brands might be your ideal choice. This outfit is more functional than fashionable so aim for your comfort. 

gym outfits


Hats and P caps are in town for the summers because in this reaching under your skin sun you need something to protect you from the UV rays and to keep you cool. So, head out and get a hat that is pairable with all your summer outfits and does its job well. 

summer hats

Long Dresses

Long, flowy, and airy dresses or frocks are crucial in this warm climate. Pastel colors and floral patterns in georgette fabric are a must have as they don’t even need ironing and can be worn in casual maxi dresses without jewelry or with jewelry that would make it formal. Shrugs and creative belts can be an added bonus to dazzle the outfit. Head over to women’s clothing stores because this trend is on top currently.  

long frocks

Cargo Jeans

One of the latest fashion trends is having cargo jeans in your closet. Just think about all those storage pockets you wouldn’t even need to carry a bag anymore. Similarly wide legged cargo pants have made a comeback this year, probably due to global warming and the rising temperatures. It’s just a thought. So, upgrade your collection with these two articles.

cargo jeans

Summer Jackets and Shrugs

Denim and leather jackets and wool and net shrugs. While a majority aim for summer vacations up in the hills this is a wardrobe must have for those chilly mornings on a mountain top or deep in the woods. 

denim jackets

Dressing to Impress

Last but not the least, at the end of a day, you need a party wear dress. So get those net gowns and tissue dresses with light subtle shades and fabrics to feel at ease and nail those formals in this unbearable heat. 

long frock and long dresses
by Mehver Admin


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