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Summer Essentials for a Girl's Wardrobe

by Mehver Admin
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Summer Essentials for a Girl's Wardrobe

Ready, Set, Summers

It’s forty degrees outside and you just can’t get up, but you have to go to work, and you don’t want to look like a lazy person. Here is your guide to glam up with five essentials and beat the raging sun.

Summer Fashion Essentials

Protection against that ball of fire

Got to prevent that heatstroke. 

While water may be essential for your body to function on the inside, the outside requires equal care. So, grab that sunscreen and those shades, sunglasses, and hats because they are the key to your survival. 

Summer Protection

Open shoes

Let the air flow around your feet. Flats, slippers, sandals, wedges, and heels are summer must-haves for each occasion. Elegant yet prioritizing protection. 

Ladies Shoes

Long dresses

To look cool and remain cool, long linen and cotton dresses are crucial pieces to own. These can be of any color, but neutral and pastel tones are the myriads you should target. 

Long Linen Skirt

Canvas totes

Got to put in all those things you need every day and for the occasional beach visits. Lightweight and customized for all tastes, these are affordable for the pocket.

Tote Bags


Shrug? No, don't slouch your shoulders if you’re feeling chilly on a rainy summer day. Stand tall and wear a shrug. Be it a long one or a short one these articles add diversity to your wardrobe. These come in a variety of fabrics from silk, cotton, linen, denim and even wool. 


Easy and breezy. These essentials will keep you well stocked for the summer to look voguish and up to the minute.

by Mehver Admin


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