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Styling tips to Dress and dazzle for winter weddings

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Styling tips to Dress and dazzle for winter weddings

Winter weddings are the real blast since everyone gets to wear their favorite outfits regardless of the fabric or temperature. However, designing apparel for these frigid temperatures isn't easy.

Let's uncover some enchanting Asian fashion choices that can go perfect this winter wedding.

The sleek Banaras fabric

The warmth and comfort of banarsi fabric costumes make them ideal for winter weddings. As a bonus, the style options are endless and may be done in many ways, such as a long kurta and sharara or patterned trousers. Some wear it with Banaras pants as a basic shirt.

Mehver Mehver  Mehver


Velvets this winter

Elegant and cozy, velvets are perfect for chilly winter weddings. Depending on how you wear and style them, they'll look completely different. For some, the lehenga or gown is the only thing they wear. Others use it as a shawl over a saree and wrap it around their bodies. It may be worn as a blouse with a lehenga as well.



Style with Anarkali dress

Fashionistas can never get enough of the elegant Anarkali frocks. People have worn it for ages, and it will never go out of style. The embroideries enhance its attractiveness on the sleeves and panels. Adding a beaded cape keeps it toasty when worn over straight trousers and an open skirt.

Mehver Mehver


Kurtas with long sleeves are worn.

Kurtas appear aesthetically appealing to almost every gorgeous lady out there. They look perfect on everyone, regardless of their body type. To make a winter-friendly kurta, select materials that is appropriate for the season. Winter weddings call for velvets and chiffons, and these fabrics are ideal. 



Shirt with a peplum detail and lehenga

Asian weddings are perfect for showcasing your style. The sparkling lehenga is the wonderful wedding attire for chilly events. It looks great with a kurta in the peplum style. This winter, guests will ask about opulent dress choices.



Wearing a blazer with an outfit

Whatever your outfit, blazers are a fantastic addition. It can be worn on your favorite fancy clothes such as lehengas, kurtas, or sari. Many girls wear and dazzle in this attire.

by Tooba Mujtaba


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