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Skincare Do's and Don'ts

by Masad Raheem
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Skincare Do's and Don'ts
Skin is one of the most important organs of the body. It acts as protective barrier against all harmful foreign agents but at the end of the day it requires protection as well. If you are a person who is new to skincare, try to start with the basics and then move on to extensive personalized research and experimenting on what suits you best. You can begin by understanding what your skin type is or taking an online test to find out.

Skin Types


One of the simplest advice on keeping your skin protected from the UV rays is using a sunblock. SPF of at least 30 is recommendable to block out majority of UV rays. Using it daily not only prevents tans but also helps maintain everything from skin tone and texture to preventing acne aggravation and popping up of pimples. 

SPF Sunscreen

Getting rid of impurities

Use a good face cleanser for daily use; everyone from actors to models and working women whose skin constantly goes through harmful exposure due to make-up and weather transitions shall be using a good face cleanser with least possible chemical orientation to remove impurities from skin. It gets rid of pollution effects and also rejuvenates the skin at the same time. Organic Affair's Hydrating Trio Bundle is one of the best skincare package for everyone as a start before you find one targeted for you. Of course, the rules are not rigid. Explore the market and find what suits you. 

Face Cleanser - Skincare Products - Mehver Online Shopping

Another easiest way to get rid of skin impurities is to use an exfoliator. One of the best exfoliators is Mahriyah Masque while are gentle on both sensitive and rough skin types. While it is beneficial to remove the impurities from your skin over exfoliating skins is a red flag for skin. Use a toner or rose water afterwards to close the pores.


Just like water is crucial for survival, antioxidants are crucial for clear skin. In the modern world the best antioxidant creams and serums are available but natural methods to load up on them is by having fruit and vegetables. For example, vitamin C can enable collagen production which would bring out the youthful side of the skin. Other antioxidants are vitamins A and E, selenium, and carotenoids. These help repair the skin, shield from environmental aggressors, and prevent oxidative damage by free radicals.

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In the urbanizing world, it is not uncommon to encounter pollution on a daily basis. After the proper rinsing and washing of face and skin it is of prime importance that you hydrate and moisturize it. It helps reduce aging, wrinkles, and skin fissures. Skin care products for moisturizing and nourishing the skin include lotions, eye creams, oils, and serums. Again, your skin type is the driver behind which products suit you. 

Skin Moisturizer

At the end of the day, you have to look out for your skin because no one knows it better than you. Be benign towards your skin but also towards your body. A proper sleep schedule is more helpful in having a fresh skin than an exhausted body.

Even if you do find personal care products that suit your skin it is recommendable to try different brands and skincare routines for something might be better and gentler towards your skin.

by Masad Raheem


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