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Puffed sleeves trend this winter

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Puffed sleeves trend this winter

In the midst of winter's chill, Fashion fiestas added a new piece of clothing to a wardrobe: a blouse with voluminous sleeves that evokes images of the Victorian period. Puff sleeves are the newest women's winter fashion trend for 2021. Puff sleeves are a great tool for women's fashion design, and they might enhance a woman's physical appearance.

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At first glance, the puff-sleeve style seemed to be the next must-have for spring 2018. Since then, so many variants have come and gone, and it's become more than simply a temporary fashion fad. A huge sleeve has appeared in different forms, including the balloon, the Juliet, and so on. In the beginning, it was only seen on Victorian-inspired shirts and romantic home dresses, but the market has now spread to everything with sleeves.


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They're back and better than ever this time around. Bubble sleeves first appeared about the lockdown, but for autumn 2021, they stayed away from the delicate designs we'd previously seen toward full-blown round spheres. This concept proved to be quite popular during London Fashion Week... There is no better method to proclaim your re-entry into society and keep people at least six feet away from you. The puff-sleeve trend has found its way into the mainstream this season, and it seems to be catching on with the younger generation as well. They are quick in fashion stores, where trends are mass-produced. There have been a number of puffer coats in the same vein as puff sleeves; whether they're a new trend or not, puff sleeves are making a comeback. We'll see whether all the hoopla is true during the winter months. If you still haven't added them into your wardrobe, do shop them to look as enticing and stunning at the same time to squander your perfect look this winter.

by Tooba Mujtaba


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