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Personal Style In The Midst Of Social Media - How to Transform Your Wardrobe

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Personal Style In The Midst Of Social Media - How to Transform Your Wardrobe

With the rapid growth of social media influencers, we are in a constant daze of scrolling through indistinguishable trends and lifestyles, and somewhere in between all this, not only do we create this "ideal" image in our minds, but in turn also lose our sense of personal style and individualism. We must recognize that the majority of the content on social media is heavily thought out and nowhere near spontaneous. It's the same trend-of-the-season recycled on a different face and shot in a different angle. The base line remains the same; expected. 


We have all been so absorbed by this expectation that we feel a sense of safety by staying within the lines. It is easier to reach out for the same pair of jeans or the same t-shirt because you feel it would make you more comfortable by blending into the normal. By copying the same thing as the next person, we limit our creativity. Everyone has a different taste, a different eye and a different figure and what may work for one, might not necessarily work for another. In the midst of this abyss, we need to find our individuality and our personal style, and once you do, trust me; you will feel more confident with your appearance. 


Wait, but how do you do that? 


  1. Assess your current wardrobe: Take out everything from your closet and organize them into piles according to their types, styles, colours, etc., and take notice of the patterns. See what you already have, what you love and identify why it is that you love that particular piece. Is it because that colour really compliments your skin tone? Or does that style really flatter your figure? Whatever it is, take note of it and incorporate it more into your future looks. 

  2. Identify your body style: Clothes are an accessory and should be chosen according to your unique body type. Identify what points you want to accentuate and then choose styles that would flatter those. Your personal style should emphasize your uniqueness and what you prefer rather than following the bandwagon. Getting clothing items tailored rather than picking them off the rack is a great option for adding in your creative flair.

  3. Find your comfort level: You will look your best when you feel your best. Reflect back on old photos and outfits and analyze what made you the most comfortable. Find that outline and then build your outfits on that. 

  4. Be creative: Last but not the least, be creative. Do not be afraid to play around with different colours, patterns, cuts or designs. Look for inspiration, put in your personal twist, and push yourself outside of the confines of what society deems ideal. Just be true to yourself. 

by Tooba Mujtaba


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