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How To Wear Statement Jewellery

by Mehver Admin
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How To Wear Statement Jewellery

You go for shopping and looking for jewellery stores to select the most beautiful jewellery design for an upcoming event. You like a necklace; the gem is a turquoise and very rare to find. You spend the last Rs.3,000 on it. And here you are five months later, still waiting for the proper occasion to wear it on. Let’s be honest. Most of us have similar problems even if we have the largest jewellery collection. 

Statement jewellery specifically is an expression of your style but often miscarry it. So how can you style your jewellery effortlessly?

Spotlight for the Jewellery

From keeping your wardrobe simple and elegant to showing off your statement pieces, neutral hues in the dress allow the jewellery to do the talking. Printed dresses tend to blend and outshine bold jewellery which may completely hinder the purpose of wearing it completely. 


Necklaces. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is. Be it chic, casual, minimalist or vintage anything from chains and chokers to multi-stranded beaded necklace can glam up your look. Gold and silver complement all outfits while more colorful necklaces and pendants are worn with color combinations (accessible on the color wheel) of the dress and accessory or with neutral hues to highlight the article itself.

Casual Jewellery Pendants Bella Hadid Gold Jewellery Antique Necklace Pearl Necklace


Experiment with bracelets. To wear statement jewellery, it is preferable to find the dressing style that suits you and that is expressive of who you are as a person beforehand. Bracelets offer a wide range of choices to choose from. From hand embroidered bracelets to gemstone, gold, and silver hand accessories you can never go wrong with bangles.

Beaded Bracelet Gold Bangles Gold Bracelet Gold Arm Bands


Rings. Not just your engagement or wedding ring. Rings offer the freedom to select anything that matches or even come up with a mix and match situation to complement your outfit. From metal and multiple artificial rings to stone rings like ruby rings & zircon rings, any material and any color can match with majority of outfits.

stone rings Male Rings bella hadid rings


The easiest way to turn a casual outfit to a semi-formal or formal outfit is to add earrings, anything from small pearl earrings to big chunky hoops or random and bizarre earrings with gemstones and seashells. It’s all about how daring you can be. Wide necks, v shaped necks or off shoulder dresses are pairable with long hoops and straight earrings whereas small earrings or tops are suitable for turtlenecks, collared shirts, and round necks etc. 

beaded hoops earrings dangle earrings golden hoops

Pearls and Jewels

Emeralds, rubies, turquoise, topazes, and diamonds. These are gems we all own and like to wear every once in a while. We make do with artificial jewellery most of the time but a simple white or black collared shirt with jeans and a blazer could enhance the effect of these precious gemstones making any outfit give a semi-formal vibe. Gemstones add variety of color and proper texture to the entire look making an outfit stand out.

Beaded Pearl Necklace Beaded Pearl Necklace

For everyday usage you can create sets of statement jewellery adjusted to your capsule wardrobe which would save ample time for not only your daily tasks but also to go shopping to alter your jewellery collection!

by Mehver Admin


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