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How to style your basic jeans

by Masad Raheem
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How to style your basic jeans

Casual Styling Basic Jeans and Pants

You wake up every day and pick a tee shirt to go with the same two pairs of jeans you own. Are you tired of wearing the same outfit daily and looking monotonous?

Maybe a little styling would resolve the problem but you’re unsure where to begin from? Don’t worry, we have your back.

Stripes, checks and what not

For what seems like an eon now women have been wearing shirts that defy minimalism to add color and flavor to the outfit. Formal and casual shirts which range from basic stripes to checks and printed shirts have created a safe bubble for fashion go-tos. Needless to say, everyday outfits are born from pairing jeans and printed shirts. Denim can be paired with any of these shirts whereas striped shirts complement black and white pants. Similarly, any pant color can be paired with the same hues shirt or with a contrasting color shirt.

bell bottom white jeans check shirt and denim jeans wide legged denim jeans

Graphic tees

Are you one of those people who has multiple-colored pants and no idea what to wear with them? You can either go for neutral tops or graphic tees with a splash of that color. Be it flare jeans, cargo jeans (which is the latest fashion trends of 2022) or capris or straight pants, anything and everything can be styled with the right amount of balance between the shades of the top and bottom. So, pull out those tees you never wore. Pair them up. And go slay the day.

Graphics Tees

Glamming up the outfit

For summer and winters alike several it is easy to move your outfit up a notch by adding these accessories.

  • Fur coats, leather and denim jackets for winter and summers respectively, however leather and denim jackets can be used around the year.
brown denim jeans white denim jeans black denim jeans

  • Shoes: If you’re wearing heels it turns the outfit semi-formal. If combat boots or long shoes are used a winter aesthetic academia vibe and if simple sneakers than you’re ready for anything in all seasons.
cargo denim jeans slim fit winter denim

  • Just a basic tee and jeans with statement jewelry shows that you put effort into getting up and about. Find your personal style and create sets of jewelry in a capsule way that can be used with any outfit if you’re in a rush.
black denim summer denim

  • Belts: Can’t decide what jewelry or which coat to wear? Just use a belt to draw attention towards your jeans.
high heels and denim jeans big belts with jeans

Double denim

Always a jean classic. Double denim is the easiest way to pair up jeans and a top without even doing so much as thinking.

raggy jeans with block shirts

Block color shirts and neutral hues

For a capsule wardrobe, time saving and minimalist outfits it is the basic pack of essentials to have basic tees and shirts ranging in neutral tones from blue, grey, and brown to beige and white. These shirt can be easily put together with any color of pants or type of pants, especially cargo and wide legged jeans, and make the final look subtle and aesthetically pleasing.

brown carpi jeans brown pants

In the words of Buckminster Fuller

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”

So, pull your wardrobe out and rearrange it to make your jeans and pants to portray your personal style.

by Masad Raheem


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