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How to do Minimalist Packing while Travelling

by Mehver Admin
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How to do Minimalist Packing while Travelling

“Just in case” is the cause of packing. Or should I say over-packing?

Going for a three day trip with a long list of lined up business meetings, family get together and friends hangouts can be chaotic if you don’t know what to bring with you. To save that hassle it is essential to first make a packing list and organize the required essentials you need for your trip accordingly. 

Bag management

If you are going for a business trip it is better to carry two separate bags i.e., a laptop bag and a backpack. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, it saves the hassle of taking everything out each morning so that only your laptop is in the bag for the meeting rather than all your personal belongings. Imagine rummaging through that mess for notes in front of a room of people waiting for you to present. 

Secondly if you’re travelling alone it is better to bring your travel backpack along with you and leave them in the car instead of leaving it in an empty hotel room where it may or may not get stolen. Just saying. The secondary option can be to keep important documents and keys in the laptop bag and leave the clothes behind under lock and key. 

If you’re going for just a normal weekend trip then adjust the laptop in your backpack. If totally unnecessary, leave it at home. Laptop and notes are just one example. The rule is to discard anything you don’t require urgently at your residence instead of aimlessly dragging it with you. One bag is more than enough for survival. 


Clothes rules

While packing it is essential to keep the following items but going beyond this list is not recommendable if your aim is lightweight travelling. 

1 Pair of slippers

1 Pair of formal shoes

1 Pair of sneakers/joggers

1 formal dress / 2 if required for meetings or hangouts (must be lightweight for women and can be brought on hangers for men) 

2 Pairs of jeans

3 Shirts

3 Pairs of underclothing

3 Pairs of socks

Electronics and documents – (can be stored above the clothes in packing cubes)

The magic spell for proper arrangement in the bag is rolling and arranging them vertically so you know what you’re pulling out. These clothes can be stored in the main compartment of the backpack

Travel Backpack


Other than your makeup and a few basic amenities such as the lotion that suits your skin or rose water try to leave everything at your home. All toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes and in some cases even serums and hair straighteners are offered by hotels. While packing toiletries try to keep them in small bottles so that less space is taken. Store these in the front of the backpack in waterproof bags or plastic bags so that the fear of them spilling and damaging other things is reduced.

small backpack

by Mehver Admin


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