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Guess Who Slayed the red carpet at FPW 2021

by Tooba Mujtaba
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Guess Who Slayed the red carpet at FPW 2021
The fashion parade for FPW 2021 concluded on Thursday, December 2nd, after a two-day extravaganza packed with splendor. Fashion enthusiasts had the opportunity to see spring/summer trends with new cuts, shapes, fresh colors, wedding outfits, and much more at Karachi's The Secret Garden.
 The Pink Tree Company
In the spotlight, Ayesha Omer brought attention to our Pink Tree Company. She opted for our dress to appear her best on a major show.

Ayesha Omar                                                              
PinkTree Company interacts with those who respect quality, originality, and a unique sense of taste as a lifestyle brand. In 2011, Mohsin Sayeed and three of his pals started the brand. All of our clothing needs can be met by just one store. The brand was established in 2011 with The Pencil Sketch, Jamun, Regalia, and Sweet Pea with four distinct lines. In the Spring of 2012, Melon was added to these genres. Precise tailoring and draped flair make the Pencil Sketch the perfect Prat option for day-to-evening wear ability. It is possible to get costumes made of transparent muslins, flowing linen, crisp Karandis, and delicately adorned with embroidery. If you're a busy woman, this collection is for you. The Pencil Sketch is modern, innovative, stylish, and comfortable clothing that may be worn daily. Formally speaking, Jamun collects foods with various colors, flavors, and unusual textures. Thanks to its vibrant and opulent color scheme, it's the perfect outfit for any event. Intricately cut and decorated pure silks and chiffons make up this gorgeous collection. Luxury, style, and elegance are the hallmarks of Jamun's formal clothing.
FPW 2021
There is a backstory and a concept behind each line so that clients may purchase them with an eye toward their style and taste. Wearing her own bespoke design, Ayesha Omer looked gorgeous in the pink tree brand. Mehver will continue to introduce more fashion brands with distinctive backstories and significant celebrity backs so that the buyer feels more secure when purchasing from our brands.
by Tooba Mujtaba


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