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Get Your Summer Wardrobe Sorted in a Budget

by Mehver Admin
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Get Your Summer Wardrobe Sorted in a Budget

Sorting and Organizing on a Budget

Postponing that summer cleanout because you don’t have the time or resources to upgrade your closet this summer? Don’t worry. It's time for decluttering and moving on. And we got you covered.


When you need to sort that collection of dresses heaped in your cupboard you need to declutter that mess. Make boxes for donation and pieces that are useless for throwing away.

wardrobe sorting

Color coding

You don’t see the value of arranging your closet in a color-coded style unless you are running late. You can mentally then create an outfit that won’t look odd or out of place. You can pair any color with plain jeans or use a mental color wheel to pair tops and bottoms. 

color coded clothing


Hang the shirts you wear every day. Roll clothes and stack them in clothes organizers. Even if you don’t want to spend money on organizers try to use different cardboard bags and decorated cartons to store stuff in drawers and cupboards. 

Organized Wardrobe

Learning the Art of Ignorance

Want something really bad? You saw this pretty dress, but you don’t have a lot in your account, but you want to get it? Been there? Then it’s time to make a list of items that you actually don’t have rather than collecting random separates that don’t match with each other. Make a list of what you want with a specific dress. For example, black tights with your navy-blue frock. 

clothing selection

Expensive Products

Take care of that Louis Vuitton bag. You won’t be getting one each week. Use proper bags (airtight and dust free) and boxes, to store your expensive bags, jewellery, and shoes.


Seasonal Organization

Create tiny capsule wardrobes for each season and pack the rest away. This is easy for access to daily outfits, decluttering, and simplicity.

How to sort a wardrobe

Following these steps will guarantee a simple, minimalistic, decluttered, and well-organized cupboard. This will make it more feasible for you to assess what needs to be thrown away and what needs to be bought to amplify your personal style. 

by Mehver Admin


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