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Footwear In Fashion For 2022

by Mehver Admin
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Footwear In Fashion For 2022

When it comes to fashion, footwear often takes a backseat for many of us. Yet, it can take your look to a whole new level. Right shoes with the right outfit speak volumes about your esthetic sense and style. Whether you prefer, heels, flats, chunky shoes, or traditional kola puri or khussa, this year, there are trendy, yet runway-worthy styles for everyone.

This year is all about glamorous shoes which ensure practicality and comfort at the same time. Therefore, you will find more diversity than even in almost every shoe style. Here are some of the trending shoe styles for summer 2022.

Platform Heels and Stilettos

If you are into high heels this festive season. Then go platform heels are your best bet right now. They are coming in all types of colors and materials. Soft and plush to vinyl and leather, gold, black, neutrals, and even bright colors like fuchsia pink, bottle green, and purple are making rounds on the runways. The same goes for stilettos, studded, embellished, plain and transparent all are in this season. Pair them with jeans and a crisp white shirt, a suit or a party dress, the choice is yours.

Strappy sandals and Pointed toes

Both are in this season. Whether you prefer gladiator criss-cross straps or simple ones, you are in for a treat this summer. Pointed-toe mules and sandals are also here to stay for a long time in embellished, plain, bright, and even transparent designs. Whether you want then flat, block-heeled, or kitten heels, there is a practical yet very chic option for everyone.

Chunky Sandals and Slides

Yes, that’s another very comfortable yet smart trend of this season. The most interesting part is that you can find them with chunky soles and simple designs and chain embellishments or regular flats or heels with chunky, plush, or pillowy designs. Once again, it is all about comfort with style. You get to choose whatever suits you best without missing out on style.

Sporty Sandals and Slippers

Yet again it's all about comfort with style. If you are looking for something simpler, sports sandals and slippers are for you this season. Ditch the high heels in favor of these shoes made to take care of your feet while you slay the day in style. Hushpuppies, Ndure, and Bata have some great sporty sandals and slides to choose from.

The trusted Traditionals

Kolhapuri and khussa are the two most versatile traditional shoes that can be paired with almost any dress. These days you can find a great variety in even these traditional shoes. From denim and suede khussas to embellished, plain leather or embroidered kola puris, you can find a piece for almost every occasion and dress. Nauroz and Trendot have some great traditional yet very modern collections.


by Mehver Admin


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