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Fashion Do's and Don'ts

by Masad Raheem
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Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Treading Lightly over Fashion Ethics

A lot of people are completely lost when it comes to styling their outfits. Familiar much? Is that you or a friend you know of? It is a pretty common occurrence to not have knowledge of what being in fashion is without overdoing it. Here is a guide on the dos and don’ts. 

Last minute selection:

Don’t. If you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, then prepare the outfit beforehand. Never mix and match last minute. Some outfit may turn out great at the last hour, but most don’t, and you keep feeling uncomfortable the entire time.  

Last Minute Selection

Mixing pieces that just don’t go together:

Don’t. Never wear jeans with a long frock. It’s just an example. Try to wear leggings or tights instead. Denim does not go with flowy georgettes. Similarly, look for fabrics, textures and colors that don’t go together. Discard those combinations or throw out the pieces that don’t fit with the rest of the wardrobe. Donate them. You don’t have to wear everything you purchase. 

Wrong Dress Selection


In summers don’t overdo it. Stick to a tee shirt with a full sleeves shirt or denim jacket. In winters do it to add texture. The simplest styling in winters can be done by wearing a round neck sweater over a white or black collared shirt or a turtle neck sweater and a coat with a scarf over that. The bottoms can be skirts or jeans

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Do. Absolutely do. Just use light statement jewelry for daily use and don’t overdo it. Take it easy. Once you’ve found you style take it up a notch with more bold pieces. Figure out which necklace suits which neckline or just use simple chains and tiny pendants in the beginning. Use small earrings in the start and move onto big, chunky ones later. Apply the same method on bracelets and rings

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Find the right shoe:

Do. The first thing that people notice about your outfit is your shoe. We could be wrong but mostly it all rides on the shoe. Even if you keep just two pairs of shoes, they should be enough to cater to all outfits inn your capsule wardrobe. For more formal events you can keep matching shoes to go with the outfit, otherwise a pair or sneakers and a pair of sandal or wedges or if its winters a pair of boots rather than the former should be the best choice and avoid cluttering.

Shoes Selection

Loose fitted or tight fitted:

A middle ground advise is to style your dresses in a way that the bottoms are tight and top loose or the bottoms loose and top tight to enhance your figure. For traditional dresses apply the same formula of loose shalwar and long straight shirt or short shirt and loose shalwar or loose kurta and straight shalwar or linen / cotton pants. 

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These are the basic rules for fashion which are eternal for all seasons and all outfits. Fashion changes but some basic rules remain the same to prevent you from standing out in a crowd as an odd one out if you don’t follow them but if you do follow them then you stand out as the most well dressed individual. 

by Masad Raheem


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