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Embrasure: What lies beyond the pandemic?

by Mehver Admin
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Embrasure: What lies beyond the pandemic?

Imagine the oppressive sun bearing down on you, targeting the cells under your skin. It’s a fashion choice but most opt to tie their hair up with the scorching sun burning their necks. And this summers you’re in luck because the bandwagon of hair trends is gilded by effortless styling.  

Nailing the hour:

Buns. Not the ones you eat, no. Messy hair buns. Is it any wonder that when the heat becomes unbearable everybody strives to tuck away that loose hair? What better way to do that than to tie them up in a rough, messy bun which is one of the least time-consuming hairstyles; flyaways go where they may. From the red carpets to the street top buns, half buns, low buns, and some buns even adorned with pearls, flowers and butterflies or simply head bands, are the easiest go to for all hair types. Be it bad hair day or a good hair day, messy buns are an eternal vibe.


Letting them flow:

Straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair. Just let them be there to express your personality because 2022 is all about acceptance! Baby soft layers, bob cuts, layers, or even simply trimmed hair; embrace your hair with grace. With COVID now gone, this summer is all targeted to show off those hair cuts and hair types because you won’t be getting those hair stuck in a mask anymore.

Reviving the 90’s:

If you are in your 30’s you might be elated to hear that your favorite looks are back. While the world may be progressing into the future it happens that the fashion industry might be targeting the 90’s hair trends. So, why not take this chance to step back in time and revive voluminous blowouts, high and parted ponytails, French braids, and simple braids? The revitalization of these hair styles not only ensures that you’ll be in style this summer but also have more healthier hair, braids being an apt example of simplicity and class.

by Mehver Admin


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