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Do's and don'ts when Styling your Matching Separates

by Mehver Admin
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Do's and don'ts when Styling your Matching Separates
It’s a beautiful day outside and you randomly decide to leave the house and go grab a coffee. You open a wardrobe to a heaven of clothes but none of them are complete outfits. Ever found yourself stuck amidst this dilemma? Yes? Then these basics of matching separates are worth a read. 



It is always easier to build an outfit from the beginning from the bottom. After all foundations begin from the bottom so finalize those before styling the rest. 


Life savers:

White’s and Black’s. Have a checkered yellow pants you’ve never worn? How about you style it with a black or white top? No matter what the color of your separates is, styling it with a black or white top always works if any other color clashes and threatens to ruin your look. 

Yellow Checkered Pants


Plain and Printed:

Plain and Printed are never out of Fashion. Sometimes, you reach out in a messy cupboard, and you grab a random bottom and have nothing to wear with it? Analyze. Do you have a t-shirt or shirt that may go with any of the colors present in the bottoms? Set the outfit for next time.

Floral Pants


Use Denim:

Use denim as a neutral color. It has always been a part of daily casual fashion routines. Any top or bottom can work with denim of almost any color. It should then be the least of your worries which color you pair with it.

Denim Skirt

Using the Color wheel:

Color wheels are used by fashion designers to create artistic effects. So how do you use a color wheel? 

  • Use analogous colors – Colors together on the color wheel. Feel free to venture in adjacent tones and hues
  • Use complementary colors together – Opposite on the color wheel, these combinations have been used for centuries. 
Blue Skirt


Organization and Color Coding Your Wardrobe:

To match your separates last minute, keep your closet organized. It is then a painless process to organize your closet following the color wheel. 

How to organize Wardrobe


Mix neutrals: (Master the art of monotones)

A hallmark of winter outfits, monotones and mixing neutrals can never go wrong. 

White Skinnies




Never experiment in the last hour. Outfits require time and attention to be perfect. 

Last Minute Experimentation



Don’t over accessorize. This may tone down the look of the dress and also may look out of place especially for simple street style fashion. Never use the homo-colored jewelry that is a dominant color of the dress. Your accessories don’t need to match either unless the outfit is monochrome.  Style outfits with simple gold and silver necklaces, chains, rings, and bracelets. 

Over Accessorized Fashion

Fabric coherence:

Make sure that the separates give a similar texture appearance rather than one being wool and the other being linen. It would make you stand out in a peculiar way. 

How to do styling in suiting

If you follow these do’s and don'ts then you’re well on your way to create timeless works of art.  

by Mehver Admin


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