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Creating the Ideal Summer Capsule Wardrobe

by Mehver Admin
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Creating the Ideal Summer Capsule Wardrobe


Wardrobe for Small Bedroom

When it comes to capsule wardrobes a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing. In a nutshell it involves ample hours of sorting and de-cluttering closet to suit your personal style and needs. 


How do you reach that goal of having a dream wardrobe that can be compressed into your tiny apartment cupboard? Ready to revamp your look this summer? Let’s dive in. 



Browsing for personal taste

It is not hard to go shopping and just pick up the shirt that looks very attractive and fits you well. While that is one aspect of buying clothes it must be overlooked to cater for a more important issue first. Personal style. Browse through google, or social media for shopping ideas keeping in mind the style that you like best and that would suit you. To save time use Pinterest; create a board named “capsule wardrobe” to save dresses, jewelry, and shoes in. Do your market research, go window shopping to see what options are offered in your neighborhood related to the style you just picked. 

Closet Organizing

Out with the old, in with the new

Now that you’re done with picking what future you would want to wear, it is the ideal time for taking concrete steps to achieve that goal. We suggest that you take a few baskets and begin sorting your wardrobe from head to toe. They can be categorized as “Too old - can donate”, “useless – throw away”, “I need these/ usable in the future”, “Maybes – need to be sorted later”, “Not of this season? – pack away for future use”. Clear that space for the newcomers. 

Closet Organizing


Ready to head out to the mall? Open those pins you saved for shopping ideas and target outfits similar to those rather than spending paper on all the stuff that screams your name just because it’s pretty. A small deviation of one dress each month is acceptable though. For everyday use though stick to that list you made. Buy about two complete outfits each month that can be used interchangeably to add versatility. For example, a white or a black top can be used for both blue and black jeans.

Shopping Ideas


Now that you have begun to get new outfits, arrange them in a way with hanging space savers or with a clothing organizer that you can easily decide what to wear each day without thinking twice. Create sections for uppers and lowers, color code your cupboard, and if you want to go out of the way get a bucket of paint and use light hues in your wardrobe so it’s soothing for the eye. 

Wardrobe Ideas for Small BedroomWardrobe Ideas for Small Bedroom

While you plan all of this, keep in mind that you need only a few items to create multiple outfits. Blacks, whites, browns, and pastel colors for tops can be accessorized in multiple ways with jewellery, belts, and shoes in endless combinations or used with all types of shrugs and summer jackets. Similarly, a single pair of black, blue, and white jeans can last the entire season. To others it’ll be a new outfit daily, but you would know what secrets lie behind those closet doors. 

by Mehver Admin


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