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Beat the heat with these breezy Summer Outfits

by Mehver Admin
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Beat the heat with these breezy Summer Outfits

Too hot to get dressed? We have you covered. Summer outfits are supposed to protect you from the rage of a burning gas giant. So, these summers, experiment and upgrade your wardrobe with the following choices. 


Neutral tones especially white frocks with floral prints are popular in demand worldwide. Easily adorned with light accessories it gives you a semi-formal look, keeping you on the go and ready for any unexpected event.

Mehver Tulip Floral Skirt

Summer Vine

Growing accustomization with the western culture entails that jeans and tops are an everyday go-to. So, modify your wardrobe to adjust this red top, a color which reflects that you are in control of the surroundings no matter what the temperature might be out there. 

Mehver Red Top

Belted Leaf Patterned Viscose Dress

Summers, sunglasses, beaches, pina coladas and mint margaritas. Wear the dress as a whole or leave it openly flowing with tops and jeans, it doesn’t get shadier and cooler than this. An embodiment of all basic hues, this dress is bound to keep people admiring your outfit. 

Mehver Belted Viscose Dress

Floral Long Sleeve Women’s Chiffon Dress

Who said black is a winter’s color? This chiffon black skirt is there to keep you unheated as you work for long hours in an office, in university or even if you’re at home. The dress is airy with a sleek design and numerous different cuts that make it unique. 

Mehver Black Skirt

Pearl Grey Plain Cotton Kurta

The subcontinent has always kept shalwar kameez in the highest regards and for good reason. The unbearable heatwave calls for boycotting western jeans and shirts for minimal loosely fitting kurtas which reflect sophistication. A wide range of shalwar kameez and kurtas from Mehver is exactly what you need these summers.

Mehver Grey Shalwar Kameez
by Mehver Admin


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