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Bags to Sport this Summer

by Masad Raheem
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Bags to Sport this Summer

Hand Crafted

Do you have that one Balochi, Sindhi or Kashmiri bag that is lying around in your cupboard catching dust? It’s time to brush it and use it because hand crafted bags are being preferred over expensive machine bags for daily use. This trend not only gives you a chance to embrace your culture but also promote it. The colorful hues enable the bags to match with multiple fashion outfits. They are available in multiple shapes from complete circles to squares and rectangles with long and short straps in big and small sizes. What more could you want from a bag, right? 

Handcrafted Bag

Canvas Totes

Occasional beach visits call for a wide range of items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, towels and even power banks and cameras to be bagged. Lightweight and customized for all tastes these are affordable for the pocket and custom built to store the most of your belongings. In short these are one day trip, traveling bags; in the city and outside on a vacation. 

Canvas Tote Bags

Win Win Clutches

Clutches are always a win and easy to carry. Going out for a special event or a family dinner? Grab a beautiful clutch which goes with your fashion outfit that may be lacking with the appropriate amount of shine to glam up your look. 

Bottega Clutch - Mehver Handbags for Women Leaf Ivy Clutch - Mehver Handbags for Women

Transparent Clutch - Mehver Handbags for Women

Duffle Bags

Be it gym time or going to the swimming pool you need to have a duffel bag to keep all your essentials. It is recommendable to get duffle bags from sports brands so they’re in for the long haul as there won’t be any issues with the quality of the bags. It is safe to say that this investment won’t lead to regrets in the future. These offer function rather than aesthetic but that is their purpose so buy a unisex bag instead of wasting paper on bags for each gender. It’s a family investment. 

Duffle Bag

Commuter Totes

Lightweight, single pocketed mostly but serving the same purpose as handbags these are the bags you need for everyday travel from your house to workplace to dinner and back. These bags are spacious and light which ensures that your hands don’t feel the stress of lifting a heavy bag and decreasing chances of joint pains. 

Commuter Totes

These bags are a brief overview of the handbags for women that will be in style in the summer of 2022. Of course, personalized choices are always an open door. So, revamp your collection with these bags. 

by Masad Raheem


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