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Accessorizing the Summers

by Mehver Admin
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Accessorizing the Summers

Feeling as if your style is becoming monotonous and dull? 2022 is about boldness, creating a statement and stepping out there because this is your world. Accessorizing the right way is one way to express your style because 2022 is all about diversity. And these economical and budget friendly accessories are what you require to look chic and vibe effortlessly. 

90’s Head Scarf

Feeling “Clueless” about the latest trends? Why not bring headscarves with you as you dive headlong into summer 2022? From bright colors to subtle ones, and from multicolored to single toned ones these are easy to pair up with any outfit not only complementing your outfit but also contributing to an eye-catching hairstyle. 

head scarf

Flaunting that gold

All that glitters are gold hoops. With price hikes and global chaos ensuing, is it not a good long-term investment to buy gold earrings? If not into wearing real gold jewellery, plated gold earrings or silver earrings are convenient alternatives. These gold plated jewellery pieces are easily available online and in-stores now-a-days. 

gold plated hoops

Humans over machines

Do you have that one Balochi, Sindhi or Kashmiri bag that is lying around in your cupboard catching dust? It’s time to brush it and use it, because handcrafted bags are being preferred over expensive machine bags for daily use. These trendy handbags not only gives you a chance to embrace your culture but also promote it.

handcrafted handbags 

Pearls or styling perils

Every girl owns pearl jewellery, but most of them never use them. Grab those pearls because they not only aid in accessorizing but also give an elegant, classy, and rich look when paired with minimal outfits. Pearls can be altered to match the latest necklace styles of double layered necklaces. 

pearl necklace pearl jewellery

Wide and bold

Wide belts are making a comeback. So, grab those belts you thought were weird or out of fashion to wear every day. Pair them with jumpsuits, wide legged pants, or skirts for a snatched look.

A blank canvas

Espadrilles are shoes usually made of canvas or cotton fabric. These give off a relaxed effect of jute; shoes that can be worn with anything from casuals to formals depending on the shoe type. Espadrilles wedges are eternal, pairable with all types of fabrics and outfits. Be it ordinary jeans or a silk dress, espadrilles are the go to shoes for women. 

canvas wedges

These accessories are bound to add flavor to your wardrobe. The world is your runway, and your accessories should be showstoppers. Adapting to the latest fashion accessories trends guarantee standing out in a crowd.

by Mehver Admin


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