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8 Tips to define your Personal Style

by Tooba Mujtaba
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8 Tips to define your Personal Style

1. Trust your Instinct 

No matter what the hottest designers, celebrities, and stylists think is in style, you must satisfy yourself. It's never a good idea to buy something just because it's trendy.

2. Don’t Push Your Comfort Zone 

Wear flats instead of stiletto heels if you like. Also, resist the need to tuck your stomach in order to fit into a pair of skin-tight designer jeans. Wear what you feel most at ease in.

3. Spice Your Wardrobe with a few Changes

You don't have to start from scratch with your clothes. That'd be a huge financial burden. Instead, it's time to make some changes. Start with a few things that reflect your personal style, such as a new pair of shoes, a scarf, or a pair of earrings.

4. Take a few Style Know-How’s

Have no idea which is which when it comes to Gucci and Prada? What if you don't have to twist around to check the label? Fashion illiteracy can put a halt to your unique style journey, so it's time to gear up and take some introductory styling lessons.

5. Highlight Your Strengths

What areas of your body are you most proud of? Choose clothing and accessories to draw attention to the features you find most appealing. If you have beautiful blue eyes, for example, you should use eye shadow and liner colours that really bring them out.

6. Identify Your Goals and Work Towards Them

Get a pen and paper and write down your long-term and short-term life and fashion goals. Consider what design elements and accents are available to help you reach your aims.

7. Find your Inspiration

Find a model or celebrity that best represents your desired look. Look for inspiration in the most prominent fashion and entertainment magazines. Put them in a binder or post them about your room to inspire you

8. “Know Thyself” in Fashion

What is your personal style? Is your personality more wild or more tame? Comfortable or formal? What is your current wardrobe like? It is critical to consider your public image.

by Tooba Mujtaba


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