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4 Fashion Trends to Look Forward To for 2022

by Tooba Mujtaba
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4 Fashion Trends to Look Forward To for 2022

New Year’s attire for 2022 is sure to include a variety of new fashion trends. As far as 2022 fashion trends go, it's safe to say they're a lot like the ones we've seen in the past. Like other recent trends, Y2K and 1990s fashion are the primary inspirations, with a few alterations to maintain the appearance current and not costume-like. Making an impression with chains and decorations, as well as moving away from excessively baggy blazers, is the new trend for 2017. For your next wardrobe update, here are Mehver’s top trends for 2022, which you may use as inspiration.

Neon bags

Adding a pop of color to your luggage may instantly transform an otherwise plain look. A bright purse may be paired with an all-black outfit like Selena Gomez's. Instead of the same old brown, beige, and black bags, go for something that will give your outfit a splash of color. Add a dash of color to every ensemble by spicing it up with this vibrant accessory!


Neon Light Bag


The micro blazer

Oversized blazers have been all over the runways this season. The blazer, on the other hand, is becoming shorter and/or tighter in the New Year for a more form-fitting appearance. In order to make your clothing look more fitted, you may use them with anything, from skirts to dresses to jeans.


Navy Blue Coat Ayesha omer


Shine and sparkle!

As a group, everyone is fed up with remaining at home and wants to come out and have some fun. This shift in mindset is reflected in the dazzle craze. Look like Deepika Padukone with a sequined top and mom jeans or wear a sequined skirt or blazer for a comfy but party-ready look.


Deepika Padukone



There will be a resurgence of chunky loafers in 2022. This sneaker is a must-have whether you're dressed up or down. For a more laid-back approach, wear your loafers with a pair of baggy trousers and a loose-fitting blouse, or dress them up with a suit for a more professional appearance. Wear them with colourful socks beneath a skirt and sweater for a playful look.

Loafers Women


by Tooba Mujtaba


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