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This is a water based spray that should be sprayed on the body whenever it aches/cramps, or daily at night as a magnesium supplement. The human body does not produce magnesium by itself and needs it to come from external sources. When our diet and food intake is not balanced and healthy, then we become deficient and experience symptoms like headaches, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, cramps and insomnia. This oil is made with pure Magnesium Chloride flakes.
Magnesium oil benefits include:
Muscle cramps
Helps improve sleep (insomnia is reduces)
Migraine relief
Acne care by reducing skin oiliness
Regulates diabetes
Decreases hypertension (blood pressure)
Usage: Spray on a cupped hand and massage gently into skin at night. This is most effective when sprayed on freshly showered skin. If you feel a mild tingling, that is normal and tends to subside after a while. If the residue bothers you may wash/wipe off after 30 mins.
All Skin Types
All Ages
Pregnancy Safe
Cruelty Free
Natural Product

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