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A milder and gentler shampoo than the traditional Anti Frizz Shampoo. Contains keratin and cleans without damaging hair. Regenerates the inner and outer layers of the hair to promote a smoother and shinier look while reducing frizz. A popular choice for those who have had a straightening and smoothing keratin reconstruction treatment.

Extends the lifespan of a keratin treatment by removing frizz and preserving the life of the treatment. Also suitable for those who have not had any treatment as it will act the same way by limiting frizz, reducing fly-away strands and increasing shine.

Sulphate, paraben, sodium chloride (salt) and silicone-free formula. Specially formulated shampoo for those with sensitive scalps and hair with a limited amount of potentially irritating ingredients. Ensures comfort without possible reactions.

How to use:

Apply to hair and massage from roots to tips. Massaging time will depend on hair type and thickness. Rinse out and apply the Anti Frizz Conditioner. For a more intense moisture dose, apply the Hydrating Hair Complex as an occasional substitute.

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