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Apricot kernel oil is derived from the kernel of an apricot. It is a very light oil and is usually found similar to almond oil, a research also says that using both the oils together gives added benefits. Apricot kernel oil contains strong antioxidant properties, and high levels of vitamins E and K. When applied topically, it penetrates deep into the surface of the skin and removes harmful bacteria and free radicals that can lead to infection or in general cause irritation or dryness. The oil nourishes and replenishes the moisture and vitamins lost during the day to restore your skin’s natural glow and health. Due to high content of Omega-6, vitamins E and K, it is great to use for dark circles and moisturising the under eye area. As it replenishes the lost nutrients in the skin and promotes youthful glow, it is a great light oil for anti aging purpose. Apricot kernel oil is very moisturising but at the same time the skin quickly absorbs it so it is very popular massage oil. The rich vitamin E and K content is great for nourishing and strengthening your hair follicles from the roots and also acts as a natural moisturiser. Vitamin K works to thicken your blood cells and tighten your skin, which means more nutrients pass into your hair follicles and the scalp has a tighter grip on the hair thus reducing hair fall. It is also great to treat hair fall in men as the high vitamin E content found in the oil also helps to reduce and inhibit a chemical known as alpha 5 -reductase, which is the result of testosterone that gathers in the scalp. By inhibiting the alpha 5-reductase, you increase the amount of nutrients that reach your hair follicles and allow for regulated, healthy growth to continue – effectively preventing alopecia (or male pattern baldness).

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