This incredible Bio Active Skin cleansing face wash is an herbal marvel, especially designed for all skin types, especially for those looking for a more luminous and brighter complexion. Made with the help of herbalists and dermatologists, this is a Vitamin C&E based natural and mild face wash. 
It eliminates oiliness, dust, makeup, redness and inflammation from the skin while fighting free radicals, preventing pimples, reducing scars, acne, wrinkles and dark spots. This improves your skin tone, provides moisturizing, anti-septic and astringent qualities.
Regular use ensures fresher, brighter and softer skin.
Wet the face and apply liberally over face in soft circular motions and massage, then rinse thoroughly with water. Your skin will feel soft and bright immediately.
Vitamin C, Glycerin, Vitamin E, pH Buffer and preservative
Hypo-allergenic & pH Balanced
Free From 
Artificial Fragrance
Use within 2 years after opening
100 ML

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